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Mobile Casino at are many hours of coding that goes behind coding a game, or any piece of software used on mobiles, smartphones or even PCs.  Regardless of whether it is a simple mobile game or the latest game in the hottest game series it is a lot of code. We want to believe that there is a comfortable feeling when a game is finally finished and ready to be released. But the question is whether to embark on a career as a game developer today? File sharing is rampant and leading to many who play and enjoy your game may not pay a penny for it. Gameplay in all its glory, it pays no bills. However, the future of software and the future of mobile apps may be different.
When the game Game Dev Tycoon was released the developers did something a little unusual, they released a version of the game on Torrent sites. Anyone who downloaded their version could not complete the game, but went bankrupt, otherwise it was identical to what it was if you paid for it. It is in a way a little funny thing, but at the same time frightening that developers have to resort to measures such as these. And if you look at the statistics of who downloaded the game it does not look like so much fun, over 90% downloaded the game without paying.
It’s not too often that you read about game studios going bankrupt or games that do not sell as well as expected. Many gaming companies are terrified and desperately trying to come up with ways to prevent people from playing without paying first. Not too often, this leads to DRM solutions is hugely frustrating for the player. You may need to connect to the internet even if you play single player. Those who purchased the latest Sim City know what I mean.
Smartphone casino gaming
It is impossible to say what will happen to the future of the mobile gaming industry, but it is likely to change. As a major part of our gambling is done with smartphones sites like offer us incentives for playing mobile and staying mobile at a reasonable price for a game (free). That’s instead of the hundreds that people pay for new PC and console games.  What we are looking at is a strong er lockdown on mobile gaming or games going to free play and using advertising to get money.  Mobile gaming sites like  are now using both methods and we should probably expect more of the same in the near future.