casinogamingBonus Types

Online casinos utilize bonuses in order to attract and encourage online players to join the casino. There are different types of bonuses but two of the most used bonuses are the Match Bonus and the No-Deposit Welcome bonus.

The Match Bonus

The match bonus is dedicated to new players who just joined the ranks of the casino. They will be rewarded with a match bonus on their first deposit. The percentage of this bonus varies between one casino and another but major casinos offer a 100% match bonus. So if a player deposits $50, he will be rewarded with another $50 in bonus credit.

The No-Deposit Bonus

This bonus is also dedicated to new players but they will be able to claim the bonus without having to make any deposits, hence the naming of the bonus. This is why this bonus is always restricted to low amounts and it has a lot of wagering requirements attached to it.

More About Bonuses from a New Casino

playing cards, poker chips and diceThe ex executive of Betfair, Gerard Cunningham who was the top man for Betfair in the US has made a major announcement. Last Monday, the former exec announced that he launched a real money betting mobile casino. This mobile casino is called and it is intending to target the British mobile casino market. Gerard Cunningham is an experienced veteran in the world of mobile gaming as he is the founder and the president of a mobile casino network that runs on virtual currency. This network is Koolbit, which is based in San Francisco.

He has partnered with Cozy Games Management, a United Kingdom social, mobile and online gambling technology company. This partnership has effectively helped Koolbit to efficiently and quickly launch the new real money betting mobile casino, into the very competitive mobile gambling industry in the UK.

iGoSlots will launch by offering twenty-five of Cozy Games’ finest games. This includes roulette games, video poker, bingo, blackjack, roulette, scratch cards and of course, slots. The software of this mobile casino is going to be compatible with nearly every mobile device out there including iOS powered devices (iPads and iPhones), and Android powered tablets and phones.

Since the formation of Koolbit in 2011, the company was able to build itself a great presence in the virtual currency mobile casino market. Koolbit offers players a great selection of games, but without a doubt, the flagship slot machine of Koolbit is called City Slots. City Slots is so successful that it is ranked among the top 20 apps on Google Play in the Cards and Casino Games dedicated page.

Slot machines, Las Vegas, NevadaCunningham has stated through a press statement that after this announcement, Koolbit is going to be one of the very first game companies who took the leap from virtual currency gaming into real money. He also added that he has led Betfair into the strict and tight market of the US and he has founded a virtual currency casino, so it is very exciting for him to make the move back to real money betting. This new partnership between the two companies is expected to be very successful and it will definitely position the new mobile casino in a leadership position in the industry.